Thursday, 10 June 2010

The Far East, Day 0

By the time you read this I will be on my way to China! I'm spending nine nights with my cousin Catherine in Beijing. Then I fly to Tokyo to meet up with Jonathan Elliott, who is in Japan visiting his brother. We will spend six days touring Japan, then he flies home and I have another week of tourism.

In full, I fly with Bmi from Belfast to Heathrow, then with All Nippon Airways from there to Tokyo and on to Beijing. I leave at 1305 on Thursday 10th June, and arrive at 2010 Friday (Beijing time), 24 hours later.

I then fly on to Tokyo on Sunday 20th June at 0830, arriving at 1300 (Japan time). Coming home, I leave Tokyo at 1130 on Saturday 3rd July and arrive home at 2055, 17 hours later.

Timezones are _weird_.

For the purposes of this blog, which I shall be updating as often as possible from my iPod touch, I define Thursday 10th June to be Day 1; that will make Saturday 3rd July day 24.

I have a Japan Rail Pass, which is basically like an All Line Rover, but for Japan. And only available to foreign visitors. And cheaper, at ¥45100 (£347). So I shall be doing much train travel in Japan!

As I say, I'll update when I can, and if all else fails I'll upload the story when I'm home. Watch this space!

Now, to finish packing...

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